The Costa degli Etruschi Coast of the Etruscans) is the coastal part that starts from Leghorn and arrives all the way to Piombino. With the passing of time it has become a great area of interest for everyone. In fact, visitors will find all types of services that they require in order to make their holidays pleasant ones. The facilities of the area really satisfy all types of needs, starting from the more classical facilities such as hotels and seaside campgrounds, to the more characteristic and widely diffused ones such as farmsteads in the Tuscan countryside. The landscape, the coast and all the nature attractions give this area a unique atmosphere, so unique that you just cannot get enough of it. Plus, there are many original proposals for your holiday and for shopping. The water theme park, the racetrack, the theme parks, the numerous sports facilities, all represent fun opportunities for both the locals of the area and for tourists.

Riviera degli Etruschi

The food here is also extraordinary. There are cosy trattorias and high quality restaurants that work side by side to proudly hold high the name of Tuscan cuisine. The restaurants of the area not only serve beef dishes but also quality fresh fish ones. The Strada del Vino (Wine Route) that crosses the Costa degli Etruschi offers wines that are appreciated at a global level. Following this route you will have the possibility of becoming familiar with the wine production of the area, with direct access to some of the best
wine cellars.

Excursions and Archaeology

Choosing Piombino means getting a good view of the remains of its illustrious past. From the domination of the Appians to the visit of great artists such as Leonardo da Vinci and Andrea Guardi. The historic centre of the town, protected by its walls, proudly shows off its many significant monuments such as the Torrione, the Rivellino and its churches. The ancient city gates, also known as the gate of Sant’Antonio, was built in 1212 and is the oldest monument among the ones that can still be seen in Piombino
today. The Rivellino was built two centuries later, in 1447, and was used to strengthen the town’s defence from enemy artillery. Another gem of Piombino is the Park of Punta Falcone, located between the gulf of Salivoli and the gulf of Calamoresca. Here, strolling along the trails filled with lush vegetation you will be fascinated by the breathtaking views and landscapes. In order to find centuries-old plants and the typical landscape of the Maremma coastal area you definitely must visit Parco della Sterpaia. Inside the park you will see that the sandy dunes separate the ash and oak tree forest from the beach.

Wellness and Spas

For a pleasant day filled with wellness and relaxation, you can decide to choose among the various opportunities that the area has to offer. The spas are, without a doubt, one of the most sought after destinations by tourists who want to rediscover the pleasures of water as a source of wellness. or a pleasant day filled with wellness and relaxation, you can decide to choose among the various opportunities that the area has to offer. The spas are, without a doubt, one of the most sought after destinations by tourists who want to rediscover the pleasures of water as a source of wellness.

Terme di Venturina

The spas of Venturina, famous for its sulphur and calcium waters rich with magnesium, propose treatments for your health and for your mental-physical
wellbeing. These spas were already known during the Etruscan-Roman period and still today are famous for their fresh 45° water that flows all year round.


The spas of Calidario are a splendid haven of wellness and its little lake, with a natural hot water source, directly flows into the facility’s pool. The waterfalls used for whirlpool baths and the grottos, are the cradle for this water filled with therapeutic properties. The courses proposed by the facility take you back in time and their names remind you of the origins of these places.